Sleekpoint Announce Thread-Enabled Latch Lock

You may or may not be familiar with Sleekpoint Innovations, but they’re the parent company of the popular HomeKit-compatible Airversa Purelle air purifier, which in case you weren’t aware, is the first – and so far only – Thread-enabled air purifier on the market (review HERE, Video HERE). Now the company are setting the stage for the first product for its security-based brand Holomarq.

The product in question is the Sequra Smart Door Knob (HK1) which is the first (as far as we’re aware) Thread-enabled Latch lock. If you’re not acquainted with latch locks, they’re similar to deadbolt locks, but with a latch bolt, designed to allow locks to be closed whilst the bolt is extended. These locks can usually be found not only on front doors that already have some other form of lock on them, like a mortice bolt, but also for doors connecting users’ garages to the main house.

The Sequra HK1 comes in the form of a turnable knob handle that incorporates a physical keypad surrounding a standard Yale-type lock barrel, and is available in three finishes; Space Grey, Matte Black, and Metallic Gold.

The built-in keypad allows users to tap in their own code, with up to 50 passcodes stored directly on the device. Like a few other locks, the keypad allows users to tap random digits before and after the actual code to disguise it from prying eyes (the Aqara A100 also has this feature). It also has auto-lock as standard but also makes use of ‘Passage mode‘ which allows the user to disable auto-lock, which is especially useful when you have family or guests coming and going without having to punch in a code all the time. It also has an IP54 rating, which means it’s good against water splashes.

Because the lock has Thread capabilities, we’re told Matter compatibility is also definitely on the cards, although there are no firm dates as to when that could happen at this time.

The keypad itself is backlit, so when you press the keys they light up so you can see them in the dark. This is all achieved with just four AA batteries, which the company claim will last up to a year. The good news on this front is that the lock even comes with a USB-C port for temporary power if the batteries do unexpectedly die.

It is important to note that whilst the lock is Thread-enabled, it doesn’t have Apple HomeKey, which is a feature we’re slowly seeing on more locks. However, at a rumoured price point of just US$79.99, this might be perfect as an inexpensive but HomeKit-compatible lock for the aforementioned garage door, or even a home office.

The company informed us that the Sleekpoint app will have a few exclusive features, which include a function that allows you to identify if someone has opened the door from the outside or the inside. The app will also have some features surrounding user management, although the lock will allow the owner to also generate and share codes directly within Apple’s Home app using a feature called Guest Access, which is a function first seen on the Schlage Encode plus.

The non-smart version of this lock is already on sale on Amazon, which has all the same features minus the smart capabilities, although we’re told the HomeKit version will be available in January of 2023.

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