GE Announce Forthcoming Matter Bulb and Smart Plug

GE Lighting, part of the Savant Group, has today announced a raft of new and updated products as part of their Cync line, although most of them won’t work with HomeKit, or Matter (for that matter…). Two forthcoming products that will work with Matter, however, were also announced as coming later this year, along with the promise of newer, Matter enabled versions of existing products that will also be released over the course of the next twelve months.

The first two Matter-compatible products will be a full-colour light bulb – the Cync Direct Connect Smart Bulb, that offers full colour and warm to cool whites. It hasn’t been stated as to what wireless protocol this bulb would use, but given the current bulbs use Bluetooth and are required to pair to a Cync Smart plug to actually connect to your smart home (odd…), it’s possible they’ll do away with this arrangement and make the bulb Thread-enabled, thus making it a Matter over Thread device. This once again could be the case with the new Matter-enabled Cync indoor smart plug, although as the current model uses WiFi, it could retain that method in all likelihood and still be Matter compatible.

The prices for these are quite attractive, at just US$12.50 for the bulb, and US$15.00 for the smart plug. A bargain, it seems…

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