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The Orvibo MixPad D1 Smart Dimmer

The Orvibo Smart Dimmer (MixPad D1) is a smart switch designed for US homes, and whilst it can either control standard or dimmable bulbs, it can actually do a lot more – with its clear and responsive touch screen display – depending on what other products you use, which I touch upon in the video. At present this switch is NOT HomeKit compatible, so I recommend holding off from purchasing based on any future promises, but that should soon change, with the company stating that a firmware update to add Matter support is due in Q1 of 2023.

The switch is now also on the CSA (Connectivity Standards Alliance) website, where current and forthcoming Matter devices are listed.

In this video I utilise two of these switches to demonstrate multi-light control, as well as the Intercom and Broadcast features, that allow you to communicate with specific rooms or everywhere that you have one of these switches.

You can buy the Orvibo Smart Dimmer (MixPad D1) from Amazon.com via the affiliate link below, which doesn’t cost you any extra, but help the channel out for reviewing future products;

CNY image credit at the end of the video – Freepik

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