A Matter ‘First’ with Release of Tapo’s Smart Plug

Despite the grand claims of many larger and more vocal companies when it comes to Matter product announcements, the award for the very first available device (as far as we’re aware) with official Matter support ‘out-of-the-box’ goes to TP-Link, with their Tapo-branded Smart Plug, now available on Amazon to actually purchase.

A lowly smart plug it may be, but with Matter support, you’ll be able to add this to all of the four major ecosystems – SmartThings, Amazon, Google, and of course HomeKit – without too much fuss.

Like many more recent smart plug releases, the new Tapo P125M is designed to be small enough to not take up more space than one outlet, this allowing two smart plugs of this type to sit next to each other in a double US wall outlet. The power rating is 15A – 1800W, and is also UL Certified, for those looking extra guarantees. Whilst it’s a Matter device, like some other forthcoming smart plugs are promising (Eve, Meross etc), it still uses 2.4GHz WiFi, so if you’re looking to move away from WiFi and more towards Thread, then offering from Eve (US$39.95), or Wemo (US$24.99) may be a better option, although the latter have no plans to add Matter to the current option.

You can buy the new Tapo Smart Plug with Matter on today, for US$19.99.

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