Onvis Prepare for March Release of Thread Motion Sensor

Onvis has informed us that it’s preparing for the release of an updated model of its popular (but Bluetooth…) motion sensor, which, like its recently updated CT3 contact sensor now utilises the Thread wireless protocol to add faster response times and more energy efficiency.

The SMS2 will boast the same set of features as the original model so, in addition to Thread, it’ll once again come with built-in temperature and humidity sensors, which the company tell me have now been improved to be even more accurate, but will also now include a new ambient light sensor, and adjustable motion detection options. The aforementioned ambient light sensor will only be able to discern between dark and light, but unlike the Eve motion sensor, which has the additional option to only be triggered in darkness, the SMS2 will also allow for motion to only be triggered in bright light, for want of a better description. Finally, in a nod to some customer suggestions, they’ve reduced the size of the logo to be less conspicuous.

Interestingly, Onvis recently became an Innovation Award Winner, bestowed on them by The Thread Group. A previous winner of this award was Sleekpoint Innovations, the company behind Airversa, and their Thread-enabled Purelle Air Purifier.

Onvis are hoping to bring the SMS1 to Amazon stores in the US and EU in March, or early April at the latest, and have informed me that the price point will be fairly similar to the price of the current model, at around US$29.00, UK£28.00, EU€30.00.

You can already purchase Onvis’ first Thread-enabled device, the Contact Sensor CT3 for just US$29.99, or a 2-pack for just US$45.99.

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