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Aqara FP2 Presales Launch in China With March Release

The latest product from a clutch of devices announced a few days ago by Aqara has now launched pre-sales of the Human Presence Sensor FP2, with a projected release (in China) sometime in March, which could also coincide with its international release. The current list price on seller websites Tmall/Taobao and jd.com is RMB899 (equivalent to roughly US$130/EU€123/UK£108), although as is the case with these prices, they’re offering it on sale at the considerably lower price of RMB599 (roughly US$87/EU€82/UK£72). Whether the price equivalent is what we’ll see in the West is unclear, however.

Along with the presale launch and the features we already know about, we’ve also gleaned a couple of additional details about this successor to last year’s FP1, some of which I’ll list below;

  • The FP2’s area of detection can be split into 320 separate zones, with these zones being exposed to HomeKit as up to 30 individual motion sensors. Yes, 30 (unofficially 32) separate motion sensors on one device!
  • It can detect movement in three different planes – so it can detect if you’re sitting, standing, or lying down, for example
  • On top of this, there’s also a forthcoming feature that will even be able to detect when someone has fallen down. both the type of position and fall detection will apparently be added in an update later on
  • It can also track up to three different people simultaneously
  • To achieve this kind of detailed detection, the FP2 uses WiFi not Zigbee, which in one sense means this can be directly added to HomeKit, although to configure the aforementioned zones, you’ll still need the Aqara app
  • the FP2 is also claimed to be able to cover a 40m² space, which should be large enough for almost all room types.
  • The FP2 also exposes an ambient light sensor to HomeKit
  • Whilst it uses WiFi, the device also contains a Bluetooth radio, which Eric from Wavetech states is to be used for future Matter compatibility (pairing/onboarding/commissioning only)

Like the FP1, as well as the company’s G2, G2H, and G2H Pro cameras, the FP2 will once again make use of an adjustable stand, to allow for the best overall position. The unit will come with an LED status light, which we can only assume can be turned off as well.

Whilst the price may seem steep for a sensor, its worth bearing in mind this could potentially replace multiple standard motion sensors, whilst providing more accuracy when it comes to occupancy and position, so ultimately this could replace a lot of devices in one go.

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