Multi Feature Smart Outlet With Matter Launching Soon

With Matter products being already announced here and there in early 2023, it’s beginning to feel like this is going to become the norm, along with seemingly new manufacturers popping up at a similar rate. A case in point is a US company called Intecular, which will soon be launching its first Matter-compatible smart wall outlet. What’s different about this particular product is the sheer amount of extras it comes with, depending on which options you go for.

At its heart, this is a typical smart outlet, that like any smart plug, allows you to control the power to any device plugged into either of its two sockets – think fans, lamps, dehumidifiers etc. – but within the custom faceplates, there are a few additional features you might never have thought about seeing in an outlet. Each faceplate option offers different extras depending on what you might need more;

  • InvisDeco Air: an air quality monitor with indicator LEDs for telling at a glance how good/bad the air is in the room, which includes sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2, and VOCs.
  • InvisDeco Light: This can work in tandem with existing smart lights to adjust the brightness depending on ambient lighting, as well as contain a small night light on the underside of the faceplate.
  • InvisDeco Motion: a built-in motion sensor to detect movement and trigger automations within the home, which could include an alarm system. This also includes a flashing light.

The company has their own app, which presumably offers a few additional options if you want to have a few of these devices work with each other when Home/Google/Amazon/Matter features might not offer such automations.  This all sounds great of course, and with the promise of  HomeKit, Google, and Amazon support included, along with Matter support to also work with SmartThings, it could be a go-to device.

That said, as it’s not actually launched yet, there’s no mention of price on the website, although if you sign up, you’ll receive an email with a special offer of a 40% discount for buying all three variants (once you pay a U$1.00 deposit). the standard cost listed is US$299 (for all three), which means each variant is US$99.99. With the discount package, you only pay US$179.99 plus shipping. It seems which method of wireless communication is used isn’t mentioned, although we’ll hazard a guess that it’ll use WiFi.

You can find out more about this product via the company’s website.

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