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Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp with Matter

The new Yeelight Cube Smart Lamps are due out soon, and we’ve been lucky enough to be trying them out to find the good and bad. Luckily there’s very little to complain about, although there’s always room for improvement.

What’s great is that these work with Matter out of the box, meaning they’re instantly compatible with All the main ecosystems too – Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings.

These cubes come in three different types – Panel, Matrix, and Spot, with each offering unique attributes, but When combining them, you get a lot of options to present some wild effects. In order for them to function, you’ll need at least one base sold either as a starter pack or available for purchase separately, which is the device that connects to your smart home.

You can save some money by pre-ordering these cubes as part of an “Early Bird” pricing option from Yeelight’s own IndieGogo crowdfunding page via the link below;

Yeelight IndieGogo

The super early bird price of a cube standard pack (containing 1 x Cube, 1 x base, and 1 x power adapter) is under US$60; a single extension pack is under US$35. There are also several combos offering more discounts, which you can check out on the website for further info.

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