Nanoleaf Essentials with Matter Preorders Start

We have already reported that Nanoleaf wants to release new Essentials lamps that are compatible with the new smarthome standard Matter. The new devices can already be pre-ordered in the first countries.

The new Essentials lamps with Matter and Thread include bulbs with A19, BR30 and GU10 sockets as well as a Light Strip. Thanks to Matter, the lamps can be used with all major smarthome platforms, including Apple HomeKit.

However, if you rely exclusively on Apple’s Smarthome platform, you are better off with the previous models without Matter. Since the new smarthome standard does not yet support Adaptive Lighting, the new models come without the HomeKit-exclusive feature.

However, Nanoleaf hopes that Matter will also support Adaptive Lighting soon. Until this happens, the manufacturer’s own function Circadian Lighting can be used to automatically adjust the color temperature during the day.

The new lamps can already be pre-ordered from the manufacturer’s own online store in the U.S. and are scheduled to begin shipping in mid-April. As soon as the lamps are available in other countries as well, we will inform you.


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  • FWIW, I’ve found Nanoleaf bulbs to be garbage in terms of light quality and brightness. Each color can be displayed in about 1 shade only, terrible color spectrum compared to Hue and lumens are fairly low. Was really disappointed with the ones we bought. Back to Hue with a hub unfortunately.

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