Ikea Dirigera Update Adds HomeKit Support for Air Quality Sensor

Back in February of this year, Ikea announced a new smart air quality monitor – the Vindstyrka. While it was clearly a device designed for the smart home, upon release it would only work within the Ikea ecosystem when connected to the company’s latest Dirigera hub. Many reports immediately surfaced reporting not only that the sensor was Matter compatible (no, it isn’t yet), but that it was also HomeKit compatible (not at the time…).

However, a new update for the Dirigera hub mentioned above has now been released that does indeed finally add HomeKit support. This new multi-sensor offers the basics like temperature and humidity, but also combines VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) detection, as is found on devices like the Eve Room and the Aqara TVOC sensor, but also offers a PM2.5 sensor found on devices like the QingPing Air Monitor Lite (video HERE, review HERE), and even air purifiers like the Thread-enabled Airversa Purelle (video HERE, review HERE), and the P1 (video HERE, review HEREand P2 (video HERE, review HEREair purifiers by Smartmi, for example.

It’s believed that all four of the sensors found within the Vindstyrka are exposed to HomeKit, with readings for all four metrics displayed on a basic LED display with included backlight. This brings together the offerings of the other companies in one complete package for the relatively low price of just US$49.99, although it should be noted the QingPing Air Monitor Lite also offers PM10 and carbon dioxide sensors.

If you already have the Dirigera hub and Vindstyrka air monitor, you just need to update your hub to version 2.256.003 in order to get the monitor exposed to HomeKit.

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