Aqara Video Doorbell G4 Receives Fixes Via Update

Aqara’s latest product, the Video Doorbell G4 has only been out for around a week or so, but the company has already pushed an update to address a few issues that some people have been experiencing, as well as fixes for things that were already apparent from the beginning.

The firmware version – 4.0.1, which is available now for download, fixes or updates the following;

  • Event recordings have now been adjusted from a fixed 6-second clip to a “6-12 seconds dynamic recording” [sic]
  • The G4 now supports NAS storage using the SMB 3.0 protocol
  • There’s a fix for an issue where the video on the home screen of the Aqara app would show as black instead of refreshing. This may also apply to the Home app
  • A new function has been added that allows for cloud recording if the G4 is forcibly dismantled
  • Fix for an issue where micro SD card recordings could not select the recording mode
  • Fix to optimise occasional incomplete cloud recordings

Other non-specific fixes are also included, although, from our tests so far, one issue remaining is that the live feed still reverts to the default ‘smooth’ resolution, each time the feed is viewed instead of 1080p or 720p. Funnily enough, ‘smooth’ has been replaced by ‘auto’.

Hopefully, this too can be addressed in the next update. You can check out our review of the G4 below, or read the in-depth written review HERE.

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