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Smart Rainforest Humidifier

The Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier is more than a different twist on a device to add humidity to your home, as it uses a unique method of breaking down droplets of water with the use of a fan, that then smashes the droplets into the side of a see-through casing to simulate rain on a window! Not only that, but you can refill it from the top by simply pouring water over the LED display!! Sounds mad? Watch to find out more…

You can purchase the Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier from Amazon stores in your region using the (affiliate) links below, which cost you nothing extra but help us buy more products for review, to keep you informed on how products perform.

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One thought on “Smart Rainforest Humidifier

  • I really like the beautiful Smart Rainforest Humidifier! Apartment air can get really dry during winter in Nordic countries. In addition to the the soothing water sound the sight of gently trickling water drops will give extra relaxation to a lot of people. Nice one!

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