Meross Announces Socket Thermostat with HomeKit

Presales for the Meross Socket Thermostat MTS960HK with HomeKit integration have started. The device is simply connected between the socket and a heating or cooling device and controls the device using its connected temperature sensor.

If you want to integrate a plug heating or cooling device with a maximum of 16A / 3,680W into Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Samsung SmartThings, the new socket thermostat from Meross should be interesting.

Mounted between the socket and the device, the Meross socket thermostat has a two-metre-long temperature sensor measuring from -30°C to 110°C. Since the sensor is made of stainless steel, the temperature can even be measured in water if necessary. This should be interesting in the aquarist sector or also for hobby brewers.

Flexible control and individual programming

The integrated display shows both the current room temperature and the target temperature. The target temperature can be set via the device itself, the Meross app or one of the smart home integrations. A temperature schedule with up to 12 time periods per day can also be created via the Meross app.

Furthermore, the thermostat offers numerous functions for different scenarios, such as timers, alarms for high and low temperatures, alarms for sensor error, and temperature calibration. It also has a time-delayed safety function (compressor protection) for cooling.

You can pre-order the Meross socket thermostat MTS960HK now in the manufacturer’s online store with a 20% discount for 39,11€. Use our community discount code “SmartApfel” to save an additional 10%. Delivery is scheduled to begin on May 31.


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