Tado Steers Towards Matter With Forthcoming Lineup

Tado, a German brand known in Europe for their smart heating solutions, are planning to release an updated range of devices that finally take their products towards both Matter and Thread. As first reported by our colleagues over at, the new Tado X range will be released in most central European countries at some point soon, with the UK to follow. This does not mean their current product range will get any Matter or Thread upgrade, however, these will continue to receive support, including updates. We’ve been using three Tado Smart AC control V3+ units in our home for a few years with barely an issue. You can read our written review of the V3+ HERE.

Currently some of Tado’s products use a specific radio frequency for communication (868 MHz 6LoWPAN), which requires one of their bridges to allow connection to your smart home and between devices. A new version of the bridge will be sold, but won’t be necessary with the use of Thread, which according to the aforementioned report states will initially be limited to Apple home users.

The five products to be launched will be the Smart Thermostat X designed to replace a wired controller, offering support for two heating interface options: on/off (mechanical) and OpenTherm (digital). Besides regulating a boiler or zone valve, it can serve as a thermostat for rooms with water-based floor heating control.

The wireless temperature sensor X bears resemblance to the wall thermostat and can be placed anywhere within a room. It is suitable for centrally controlling multiple radiator thermostats or as a supplementary device to the wired room controller, particularly if the latter is situated in an unfavourable position for accurate temperature readings.

The Smart Radiator Thermostat X features a T-shaped design, a departure from previous Tado models, aimed at conserving space in narrow radiator niches. Instead of traditional rotary elements for temperature adjustment, it boasts a touch display, powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be conveniently recharged using a standard USB-C cable. A single charge is expected to last approximately one year.

The aforementioned Bridge X, when necessary, establishes a Thread network for communication among the heating controllers. Its requirement arises only if no other device fulfils this function.

The last of the five products is the Heat Pump Optimiser X, designed to be wired to your existing heat pump, for hot water. It can also work in tandem with the company’s smart thermostats.

These products are now available to purchase directly from Tado’s own online shop, or from with the following prices;

The starter kit, with bridge and radiator thermostat is now also available from for €188,99, whilst the Thermostat starter kit with wired thermostat and bridge is available for €151,62.

All in all, it’s good to see Tado finally getting on board with both the new standard and wireless protocol.

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