First Matter over Thread Smart Lock For Patio Doors Announced

It’s always a pleasant surprise to hear about any innovations – big or small – for the smart home, but it’s especially pleasing to see the words Matter and Thread mentioned alongside them. Case in point is a new smart lock for patio doors that uses Matter over Thread, which it seems is a world first.

The Smart Lock Matter Tilt/Turn by Danish manufacturer SecuYou aims to provide not only a smart lock for patio doors and windows, but offer the latest in smart home innovation too, with typical Scandinavian design thrown in for good measure.

From a quick look at the company’s website there isn’t a large amount of information regarding these locks, other than it’s designed for doors that open inward or outward, with the lock itself situated on the inside, running on two AAA batteries. The bulk of the lock is made from a metal alloy, which contains the inner mechanics for the lock, as well as adaptor pins. there is no keypad on the device as such with the black portion of the body home to the battery compartment, so control is achieved via your phone (using Bluetooth). The company has stated they plan to introduce a separate keypad in Q4 of 2024.

The lock can be purchased with both the inner and outer halves of the lock, but if customers prefer to keep their existing outer handle mechanism, they can just purchase the inner portion.

Due this being a Matter over Thread device, it’ll connect to a Thread Border Router as well, which in turn allows the lock to be controlled directly within the Apple Home app, for example. This model doesn’t work with the company’s own app.

Despite the product being in a category of its own, the price is still relatively reasonable, at just under 1700,00 Dkr / €231,00 / UK£197.00. You can find more information on this and other products in the company’s range via their website.

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7 thoughts on “First Matter over Thread Smart Lock For Patio Doors Announced

  • Hello and thank you for the nice information.
    Just one thing the lock is not just for inwards doors, or did I misunderstand you? this can be fitted on outwards opening doors to. The most patio doors in Scandinavian homes open outwards.

    • Hi, I may have misinterpreted what it says on their website, which states “Lock with a Straight Tilt/turn handles (for inward opening doors)”. So maybe it can work on doors that open outwards too, but they don’t make it clear.

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  • They work with both inward and outward opening patio doors. 👍

  • Their website has still not been updated to correct this confusion over whether it is only for inward opening doors or not.

    The additional pictures on the product page _might_ shed some additional light.

    Firstly they seem to include two different types of handles in the package. A straight handle and an angled handle. It maybe the straight handle is for a tilt and slide internal opening door, whereas the angled handle might be for a more traditional swing/hinged outward opening patio door.

    Secondly, even if they do support outward opening (hinged) patio doors, the pictures also imply that they only provide a handle on the inside of the door and it therefore may not be possible to open it from the outside. Look closer at the pictures and you can see they only show a handle and mechanism on the apparent inside of the door.

    As a comparison the Yale L2 Conexis lock provides both internal and external handles and mechanisms. (It does not support Matter still though.) Yale UK/EU suck even in comparison to Yale US.

    • I did contact their online chat option to try and clarify a few things, but couldn’t get a clear answer on everything, but it does seem that it works on patio doors that open both ways. I do agree the model with the angled handle confused me too.


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