New Aqara Rotary Display Controllers Released in China

A while back we reported on Aqara V1 smart switches that have a sliver of a display in the middle of a large button area. These were announced alongside the Star Magic Control Knob V1, as part of the same range, although unlike the standard V1 swtiches, they didn’t see a release – that is until now.

The big difference from the aforementioned V1 switches from these newly announced models is clearly down to the round display, and rotary dial. It would appear based on the previous promo video for the dial that came out around a year ago, there have been some minor design changes, mostly to the dial itself.

The main controller is described as an ‘infinite dial’, meaning it doesn’t have any start or end point, and just turns continuously turns 360º and beyond (is that possible…?). This is useful in a few ways, as whilst the V1 is at its core replacing two standard light switches, it also offers 6 wireless buttons, much like the Aqara Magic Switch S1E (review HERE, video HERE). Beyond that, it can also control other Aqara devices in your home, like light strips, ceiling lights, AC controllers, and more.

Due to this expansive level of control, the screen – which measures 1.32 in wide and high – can display all manner of icons to represent whatever it has been programmed to control, with up to 17 separate screens available. This also includes specific themes of skins for these controls. There’s a screensaver which can also be customised to show things like weather, the time, or both, in a variety of ways.

When it comes to the special features, like the other V1 switches, the Control Knob V1 has a built-in mmWave sensor to detect when someone comes towards or walks away from the switch, with the possibility to detect if someone is even in the room the switch is located in, although that would depend on its location of course.

Interestingly, the switch also contains both temperature and humidity sensors, as well as an optical angle sensor that can adjust its display depending on the angle of the person is at, in relation to the switch.

One option that may appeal to some is that this switch doesn’t require a hub, instead opting for WiFi. It can connect on either a 2.4 or 5.0GHz band, and also includes Bluetooth, which we suspect is for use with Matter at a later date. Regardless of whether Matter arrives for this device, they do work with Apple Home directly.

As this is only going to be available in China – currently listed at around the equivalent of US$138 – it may be of little interest to our international readers, but it does show that Aqara is continuously working on products – at a staggering pace, no less. Let’s hope products like these eventually come to Europe and the US, but don’t hold your breath…

Thanks to Eric Yao for the tipoff.

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