Aqara’s U200 Retrofit Smart Lock w/Matter over Thread Now Available

Aqara has today officially launched the long awaited Smart Lock U200. This keyless retrofit solution offers advanced security features and seamless compatibility with smart home devices due to its Matter compatibility. The Smart Lock U200 provides keyless access to homeowners and renters, including Apple HomeKey for iOS users to unlock with a compatible iPhone or Apple Watch. It is one of the first Matter over Thread locks to support HomeKey unlocking.

The Smart Lock U200 can be unlocked using:

  • Fingerprint reader – fingerprint recognition built into the keypad.
  • passcodes – enter personalised codes on the pre-paired wireless keypad. Aqara Home users can manage guest access with periodic or one-time passwords, even if the lock is disconnected.
  • Mobile apps and voice assistants – Control via Aqara Home, Alexa, Apple Home/Siri, Google Home/Google Assistant, SmartThings, and Home Assistant.
  • Aqara NFC cards – Unlock using Aqara’s NFC key fobs.
  • Traditional keys – Emergency access with the existing keys.

The U200’s retrofit design allows for easy upgrading of existing locks, such as Euro mortise and US deadbolt locks, without changing keys or modifying the door structure. It is suitable for DIY installation, requiring only a screwdriver. Security features include advanced encryption, a tamper alarm on the wireless keypad, and an auto-lock function. Real-time notifications keep users informed about their home’s security.

The U200 is compatible with Euro mortise locks with Emergency Function and supports various cylinders, including EU profile, select Scandi profile, and UK oval cylinders. Adjustable cylinders are sold separately by Aqara. The U200 is also compatible with single-cylinder deadbolt locks.

The U200 retains features of previous Aqara locks, such as local and encrypted storage of fingerprints and passwords, anti-peep passcode protection, Do-Not-Disturb mode, Passage mode, and Night Latch mode. It also includes Quiet Unlock mode, a pull spring feature for handle-less or inward-opening doors, and turn-to-lock and turn-to-unlock functions.

Built on the energy-efficient Thread protocol, the U200 lock uses rechargeable Li-Ion batteries with a battery life of up to 6 months. The IPX5-rated wireless keypad operates with AAA batteries or existing doorbell wiring.

The Smart Lock U200 is available at Aqara’s Amazon brand stores in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and other additional regions.

Make sure to use the following limited time discount codes for your region;

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  • 🇬🇧 20% off Code (July 9-13) U200EU20

You can check out our video review below;

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