Danapad— Sleek Danish Design with Easy Install, Easy Use

Danapad’s elegant Danish design and small footprint (35mm x 82mm) provides an out-of-the-box, easy-to-install and secure access solution that requires no permanent alteration to the door or entry area. Designed for all weather extremes, Danapad works well in hot and cold climates and can withstand the effects of salt, fog, and rain.

Danapad, like Danalock V3, is managed via the Danalock App, a cloud-based access control application that enables the user to provide one of three levels of access to guests: permanent, recurring, or temporary/one-time. Visitors no longer need to bring a key or a phone. They simply enter their four- to 10-digit pin codes into the keypad, which connects to the smart lock via Bluetooth to unlock the door. In instances where many different guests operate the lock, such as on a rental property or a locked-off common area, guests do not need to own a compatible device. When someone enters or exits, the Danalock App messages the homeowner/business manager, reassuring parents that their children are home from school or building managers that the contractor has arrived on time.

“The smart lock is the ultimate ‘enabler’ in smart homes and buildings, offering a host of services, such as temperature control, lighting, etc., on entry,” said Henning Overgaard, co-founder of the Danalock smart lock. “Thanks to its superior functionality, security, and worldwide install base, Danalock V3 is being adopted by telcos, IoT service providers, and e-commerce retailers, as well as logistics and alarm companies that are integrating Danalock and Danapad into their solutions.”

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