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Philips Hue White Ambiance Philips Xiu Ying Ceiling Lamp

Take good time with you
  • Integrated LED
  • Aluminum
  • Intelligent Control via Philips Show Bridge*
  • Control by voice*
Home Control

No matter where you are, you can control the lamps remotely. Check if you forgot to turn off the lights when you left home. If you work late, you can turn on the lights before you go home.
Control via smart devices

Connect your Philips show light and fixtures to the bridge and start exploring the possibilities. Use the Philips Hue App to control lights from your smartphone or tablet, or add switches to your system to activate lights and fixtures. Set up timers, notifications, alarm clocks and other functions to enjoy the Philips Connected Smart Connected Lighting experience.
Create Your Own Atmosphere
Provide warm white and cool white light switch to create a suitable atmosphere for different moments, but also can decorate your home environment. Enjoy different lighting patterns throughout the year, whether it is the white light of warm sun in spring, the warm white light in summer or the cold white light in winter.
Enjoy a soft dimming experience with the Philips show. Choose the most suitable brightness. No electrical wiring is required to reinstall.
Instead of starting your coffee in the morning, start the day with bright cool white daylight and inject energy into your mind and body. It is your best companion when you are depressed and tired.
Home Lighting Schedule

With the pre-defined functions in the Philips Hue App, you can simulate home lighting when you go out and let the lights come on at a preset time. You can also set lighting effects for different times and rooms. Of course, you can also let the lights slowly shut at night, never worry about forgetting to turn off the lights.
Meditation Reading

The Philips show can provide the appropriate white light for comfortable reading so that you can immerse yourself in your favorite book for a long time.
Provide you with soft white light, let you relax, perfect ending the day’s fatigue. Relaxing white light helps you to relax in the evening and improve the quality of night sleep.
Natural Sleep, Gentle Awakening
The Philips show helps you wake up in the usual way. The warm light that simulates the sunrise effect makes it easy for you to start your day. The brightness of the light slowly increases to help you wake up naturally without being awakened by the alarm clock. Start a whole new day in a comfortable way. In the evening, relaxing warm white light can help you decompress and sleep peacefully.

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