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Aqara Motion Sensor

Aqara Motion Sensor
Sense Motion | Detect Illuminance | Self-supporting
*Aqara Hub is required to enable Aqara Motion Sensor to work with HomeKit technology

luminance Detecting Smart Lighting
luminance sensor detects the brightness of the room and trigger lighting. When passing by detected, night light turns on automatically.

Self-supporting Mount it wherever you want
With a sensor stand and sticker, you can mount it wherever you want. Self-supporting stand supports a 180° rotation. You can adjust the detection angle freely.

Multiple Placement Mode
Suitable For Various Home Scenes. Easy installation, Simply placing or attaching on a surface.

High Quality Craft
Pyroelectric infrared sensor is introduced to detect human/animal motion by sensing heat. Fresnel lens are made from polyolefin material which has higher detecting precision. Anti-UV materials prevent the shell colour fading. With moisture proof treatment, it works pefectly even in humid environment. High quality fire proof material is employed to improve safety.


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