Aqara Mention September Release Date for HomeKit Compatible Hub

Aqara, via their Twitter page, announced a September release date for their HomeKit compatible hub. This information all came about during questions asked by our good friend, Chris Young from, who was pressing them for more info on the aforementioned Hub.

As can be seen in the brief chat, Aqara mention the new Aqara Smart Hub, with a “Voice Control function”. This could simply mean that the hub will be working with Siri, as per all standard HomeKit-enabled devices, but at this point, we can’t be certain.

What’s also interesting to note, is that anyone who owns one of the current Xiaomi/Mijia hubs will be out of luck if they were hoping that these would become HomeKit compatible, as Aqara state the Mi Hub will not be getting a software update to make it HomeKit compatible, going on to state that the Aqara Hub is essentially a different device from previous hubs.

They do however also say that “…current Aqara sensors can work with [the] Aqara Smart Hub…”, So if you currently own one of their sensors, like door & window, water leak, temperature or motion sensors, then you’re in luck, as you’ll only need the hub for HomeKit integration.

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16 thoughts on “Aqara Mention September Release Date for HomeKit Compatible Hub

  • By any chance, is the new Aqara hub available yet?

    • Hi Jack, the new Aqara Hub is not available yet. Aqara claim that it will be released in September of this year, so within the next few weeks. As soon as it’s available, we’ll be posted by the news along with a product review.

      • Ahhh… thank you and they didn’t update their twitter…

        I have 3 Xiaomi gateway in 3 different locations, and one of it is in the server room.

        I would love to make to work with Apple Homekit by upgrading the gateway.

        • It’s unlikely that any of the current Xiaomi gateways will be upgraded to work with HomeKit unfortunately. In addition, only Aqara branded smart devices (switches, sensors etc) will work with the new Aqara bridge.

          • I understand that, I know I will have to buy the new Aqara hub and even new sensors, but I think it’s worth it even they double of the Xiaomi price, as long as it will work with Apple Homekit.

            I really like the door and temperature sensor, this can help me to understand my home and even server room environment a lot. I don’t have experience with other brand but I have been using this for almost 2-3 years, if I am happy with this brand, I don’t think I will jump to another ship.

            I am moving soon and I have to make sure whatever I am going to buy, it must be Apple homekit.

          • Do you have any other HomeKit products at the moment or is everything Xiaomi?

          • I have been using all Xiaomi, and Yi camera.

            And I read that Apple Homekit is the easiest one to setup but there are not that many smart kit support it.

            Any suggestion?

          • I have a lot of HomeKit devices but I also have quite a few Xiaomi/Mijia/Aqara products. I have to say even though the HomeKit devices are more expensive, the HomeKit system is very good and much better than the Xiaomi system.

          • I should be moving in by the end of September and it is not something that I must need before or right after I move in(other than the smartlock), and I have decided Apple Homekit instead of Google or Amazon.

            But I do want some opinion from you if you don’t mind since you have much more experience than I do.

            For door lock, I would like to go for Weiser premis Smart Lock, I will be with my parents in law, so I want to make sure it has a key even tho they use their iPhone more than I do everyday lol

            For security camera I probably just need 3 or 5 max, I am looking at the logitech circle 2, they will be all hard-wire, maybe 1-2 with battery so I can set it at anywhere inside the house.

            I have been using Yi camera for my friend’s house because the price is very affordable, either cloud or local storage option, but it is not Apple Homtkit friendly, so it will be off from my list.

            For the lighting system, I will go with Phili hue, I just need few of it that I can use smartphone to turn on and off, if there is any other cheaper option, please let me know.

            For the door, water leaking and temperature sensor, what other brand you recommend which is as good or even better than Xiaomi?

            Is there any other fun Apple Homekit that I can play with other than my list above? Thank you~

          • Hi, if you want to send me a message via our contact page, with your email address, I can reply to you in private and give you more advice than here.

          • I got your email and sent you a reply. Let me know you got it ok.

          • Yup, I got it, and I finally have time to read it xD thanks a lot, we will chat in email.

  • It seems it has already launched. On Aqara’s site, the hub no longer has the “coming soon” label, and I’ve already found some for sale over at aliexpress. Apparently only the US version though, at a considerable markup over the “older” xiaomi hubs also.

    • You’re correct, and we’ve posted a short article earlier mentioning it this. Thanks.

      • It is launched from the Aqara US site but we have nowhere to buy it…

        Even though I might not use it for my home but I can still get it for the office, I have motion, temperature and water leaking sensor there only.

        It is really funny that… it is available(we believe) but we just don’t know where yo buy it lol

        • You can buy it on AliExpress, but of course it will come with a Chinese plug, not a US one. The stores do offer a free adaptor though. I’ve ordered one from AliExpress, so we’ll see how that goes. I’ve also pre-ordered one from Amazon, but there’s no sign as to when that will actually be available.

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