Has Insteon Quietly Discontinued its Only HomeKit Enabled Hub?

Insteon, a company well known for its home automation products, has recently become a topic of interest within the community over a post that originated on Reddit, claiming that the company has abandoned Apple’s HomeKit platform. The Reddit post was from a user who wanted to warn others within the community that support for their devices may be in jeopardy. Insteon replied to this post with the following statement (also via Reddit);

“We do in fact provide service and support for our HomeKit-enabled Hub and remain committed to the HomeKit platform. With Apple’s recent changes to HomeKit requirements, we have decided to move away from the current HomeKit-enabled Hub hardware and transition to a more cost effective solution. We do not have a release date to share at this time.”

Of course, we also wanted to get a little clarity on the matter, so we reached out to the company and were provided with the following statement:

“…we stopped manufacturing the Insteon Hub Pro 2243-222 the only device that was compatible with Homekit. We do support it, its just that the newer Hub Pro is not available for sell [sic] now. If you are using the Hub Pro, it will keep on working fine. The Integration is still active with Homekit.”

Aside from that, no future HomeKit support for their newer hub or products were promised at this time. We will keep you updated with any further developments from the company.

Kevin Patenaude

Reviewer - Tech geek and lover of authentic Ramen, based in Midwest USA