Wozart Introduce Very First HomeKit Compatible Product to India

HomeKit is fast becoming more widespread and whilst adoption of this platform is probably at its most largest in the US and Europe, consumers in places like China and India are slowly adopting it into everyday usage as well. One such company based in Hyderabad, India is Wozart, who have released a Smart Controller for the home that basically fits behind the switchboard of the house and controls your hardwired appliances directly.

Nikhil Mandalika, Co-Founder & Vice-President of Wozart explains a bit about the company and its aims, its experiences and its latest product.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?
Our founder wanted to automate his home back in 2015, but couldn’t find any suitable reasonably priced products designed for the Indian electrical system. A major gap in the market was the lack of a Apple HomeKit enabled product designed for Indian homes. We thus decided to create our own product that solves the problem of automating Indian homes in a cost effective manner while using state of the art technologies in the industry.

What makes your product special?
The main drawback of IoT products in the market is the lack of security and privacy in existing solutions. We solve this problem using Apple’s HomeKit framework which incorporates the best security to make your devices absolutely safe and private to use. Additionally, being a retro-fittable product, Aura allows automation of not just newly built homes, but also older homes, even those built decades ago. Installation of the product is simple and any trained electrician would be able to install a product within 15 minutes with the help of the diagrams in the user guide. There is no need for changing the wiring in the home. Also, since our product enables voice control through Siri, it provides a futuristic living experience for our customers, where appliances in the home can be controlled magically using natural voice commands.

What has been the best part of your experience?
The delight on the customers’ faces when they experience Siri control for their lights and appliances for the first time has been the high point of our experience. The love shown by our customers is what drives us to make Aura better everyday and work on new products that make life easier for them.

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