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Philips Hue White Ambiance Adore Illuminated Mirror

With the Philips Hue White ambiance Adore illuminated mirror you enjoy a beautiful light effect that prevents unwanted shadows. Use the dimmer to easily set the right light to become more energetic, to focus, to read and to relax.

This Philips bathroom lamp has been specially designed for humid environments and has been extensively tested for water resistance. The IP level is indicated by two digits: the first digit indicates the level of protection against dust and the second digit indicates the moisture resistance. This lamp is designed with IP44: it is splash proof and ideal for use in the bathroom.

Use your time in the bath to read your favorite magazine. Set the right white light to read perfectly.

Skip that morning coffee and start your day with cool, bright white daylight, the perfect energy boost for body and soul. Ideal for those times when you need an extra boost with your morning shower.

Immerse yourself in the foam of your bath and lie under the soft glow of white light. Relaxing white light helps you relax in the evening and sleep better at night.

With the ready-to-use Philips Hue wireless dimmer you can dim and amplify the light of your lights without a wired installation.

Early morning hours require precision and concentration. With precisely matched bright white light, you can easily go through your morning routine, whether it is the perfect application of make-up or the neat shaving of your beard.

Connect your Philips Hue lamps to the Bridge and unlock the endless possibilities of the system.

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