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Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Outdoor Lightstrip

Increase your outdoor space with a Philips Hue LightStrip Outdoor (2 metres or 5 metres) and create atmosphere in places where it was not possible before. The LightStrip is flexible and gives perfect diffuse light: ideal for direct and indirect lighting.

The Philips Hue LightStrip Outdoor provides a perfect diffuse light for solutions with direct and indirect lighting. Thanks to the diffuse coating you do not have to hide the LightStrip; the light is mixed inside the strip, which emits one color on the outside.

You can easily shape and bend the Philips Hue Lightstrip Outdoor, depending on how you want to use it. Place it in the ground to illuminate a path or attach it to the wall or ceiling with the clips and screws provided. The possibilities are endless.

The Philips Hue LightStrip Outdoor is completely weatherproof and is therefore resistant to all weather conditions. The LightStrip can withstand small puddles and water jets from any direction, so do not worry if rain is unexpectedly predicted.

Extend your evenings with Philips Hue outdoor lighting. Create the right ambiance on your terrace, balcony or veranda and relax. From the warm white light of a summer sun to the ice-cold daylight of winter: you can enjoy every shade of white light throughout the year, matching your mood.

The basic packaging comes with all the elements you need to start: lights, power supply, extension cables and plugs. So all you have to do is unpack, install wherever you want and turn it on.

Connect your Philips Hue lamps to the Bridge to control them via the Philips Hue app on your smartphone or tablet. Or control your Philips Hue lamps with the Philips Hue for on / off and dim functions.

Experience the comfort of your lighting that automatically turns on when you come home and go out when you leave. So you can always unload the car with the perfect lighting and go inside. Set the Hue app to the Home or Away mode to enable all your lights at the same time, or leave the geo-location function for you at the touch of a button. That’s all.

Illuminate your outdoor environment and keep an eye on everything. By linking your outdoor lighting to the Hue bridge, you can operate it in all possible ways. Use the Philips Hue indoor switches or the Philips Hue app on your smart device. You can even operate your outdoor lighting with voice commands (Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant). Set lighting schemes to simulate your normal presence. Control your outdoor lighting from your lazy chair or wherever you are.

Enjoy longer evenings outside, finish a last job in the garden or put the garbage outside after sunset. Your Philips Hue lighting can automatically switch on according to a timetable or on the basis of sunrise and sunset. And of course you can also switch off or dim your lighting in this way. So you do not have to worry anymore that there are still lights on.

With Philips Hue outdoor lighting, there are no limits to the magic that you can add. Play with 16 million colors and all shades of white light to create the desired effect. Accentuate objects, trees or paths to make your space stand out. Use the Hue app to save your favorite light settings and recall them at will with a fingertip.

Family or friends visiting? Adjust your outdoor lighting to the occasion. Whether it’s a cozy dinner on the balcony, a barbecue on the terrace or a party in the backyard, you can add a touch of magic to Philips Hue at any gathering. Create colorful scenes or slow-moving dynamic effects to fully enjoy these special moments.

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