Soma Introduce ‘Tilt’ to Control Your Venetian Blinds

Soma, one of the first companies to make HomeKit-compatible automated roller blinds, are introducing a new product for consumers with venetian blinds. The current product already works with venetian blinds, however, this new device aims to allow control of the angle of the slats themselves.

What can you do with SOMA Tilt:

  • Create different routines,
  • Close window blinds when you leave home,
  • Wake up with the sun
  • Go on a vacation and make it look like you never left home.
  • Save time and money on heating and cooling.
  • Protect your valuables from excessive sunlight.

Installation is reported to be very easy, with no need to remove your blinds. Installing SOMA Tilt motor to your current blinds takes 3 minutes, with no tools required. The automation kit comes with a USB charging cord and a solar panel that will ensure you never have to worry about charging.

As with their current product, the ‘Tilt’ comes with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit support, with the latter achieved via their own hub.

There is a limited time special offer on the bundle which can save you up to 30%, using the link below.

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2 thoughts on “Soma Introduce ‘Tilt’ to Control Your Venetian Blinds

  • Great idea. Very clever solution indeed, so I don’t have to buy new blinds. I pre-ordered, hope to review it soon.

    • Hi Mike,
      Let us know when you’ve done a review – I look forward to reading it.

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