Aqara Wireless Relay Controller

Aqara LLKZMK11LM Two-way Control Module Wireless Relay Controller. 2 Channels. Works with Mijia (Mi Home) & Apple HomeKit. Requires the Aqara hub for HomeKit functionality.

Brand Aqara
Wireless Connections Zigbee
Color White
Weight 50g
Size 49.3 x 46 x 24mm
Input Voltage 100-250V / 50Hz
Maximum Load 10A/2500W
Operating Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Working Humidity 5%~95%RH

Can be connected to ordinary switches (with neutral wire). Come with an antenna to boost the Zigbee signal.

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38 thoughts on “Aqara Wireless Relay Controller

  • With this product can I turn on, off standard light ?

      • Because You know everything 🙂

        • I wish. We have one of the team in China, and he happens to know someone who is connected to Aqara.

  • Hi Simon. I like so much your news, but…Can you ad more information to the article or at least any link to know more about this particular product?
    Maybe could be interesting to include it in my smart home but without more info it is difficult to analize it. Thank you

    • Hi, the information on the page is all I can find for the time being. There are plenty of these devices on AliExpress, but they all have the same info.

  • Do you think aqara devices may work on 220v 60hz grid?

  • Hey, Does it give you options to select icos in Apple Home App? Or it is simple Light icon only?

    • From what I know, it is exposed as a switch, but there are options to change that. It does depend on how the manufacturer has set it up though, as the iDevices ‘switch’ is actually a smart plug, and that has the ability to show up as a Switch, Fan or light.

  • Hey, Does it give you options to select icons in Apple Home App? Or it is simple Light icon only?

  • What is the reason for this strange three”inputs” ?
    L + IN + IN ? I don’t see what this could be good for, as the wiring diagram implicates that no separate circuits can be used for the two switches.

    • I’m not really 100% sure about this device, but I know some people that are already using it. It’s a double relay switch so it can control the power to two devices.

  • Do you guys think this device would appear in the Apple Home app? or it will only be manageable in the Mi Home? I’m thinking to something like that to add “vocal” control to my Garage/gate doors, adding it to their control units (since I lack physical buttons).

    • According to someone who is already using one to control the pump for his pool (lucky him…), it gets exposed to HomeKit as standard as long as it’s going through the Aqara Hub.

      • Thanks a lot Simon! I will probably look for one and (once received in a few weeks), will write here my feedback. I hope I can configure, same as possible with the aqara switches, an automatism with on/off functionality (since I need the only a “pulse” signal, for the garage door)

        • It shouldn’t be an issue. The device works across the volt spectrum (100-240v) so it should be fine.

  • Can this be used to control a shutter/blind motor? (this means that when you action one relay, the other must stop so the motor do not get damaged). Thanks for the info

    • Anyone? Any answer? Thanks!

      • Hi
        this device is a simple switch effectively (on/off), so in theory, as long as you can control the shutters/blinds (I’m assuming you mean outer shutters, right?), then this should work fine for turning the motor on or off. the only issue is making sure they stop automatically, so as not to damage the shutters, but that is a separate question that is down to the individual brand of shutter/blind.

  • I can not find this device in my Mi Home (for Android).
    Are you sure, that this device for Mi Home (Mijia Gateway, not Aqara Gateway)?

    Does have anybody information, can I add this device in domoticz? Thanks in advance!

  • Can you use this device as a Blind / Shutter Up/Down relay?

    • Possibly, although usually devices like those require some kind of function to let them stop at a certain point when they reach the end, so probably not suitable.

  • Hi! Do you know if this is compatible with Apple HomeKit?

    • Yes it does work with HomeKit, as long as it is connected to the Aqara Hub.

  • Can this LLKZMK11LM relay be used as a “dry contact” device? Can it just connect two wires like a mechanical button does, independent of the voltage on the wires? For example, I have a low voltage, battery operated (e.g. 12V) device with a push button; can I use this relay and connect it to the push button to control it from the Aqara hub?

    • Yes, it does support dry contact. I am using it for that purpose.

      • Thank you Alexey, this opens my Xiaomi Zigbee system to the outside world.

        To wire it properly, I assume that the red wire (on the pictures) between L and IN should be removed?

        There are two contacts labeled IN. Does the left one correspond with L1 and the right with L2? The switches of the relay are between IN (left) and L1, IN(right) and L2, aren’t they? Then N and L will take the 220V supply presumably? S1 / S2 would be connected to L (240V) through a manual button, right? Is all this correct or am I messing up?

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