New Light Strip From VOCOlinc

VOCOlinc, the company behind the massively popular Flowerbud Smart Diffuser, amongst other Smart Home products, is set to release a new budget-friendly light strip as part of the ‘Smart’ range – the first of which was the SmartBar HomeKit enabled smart plug.

The new product, that comes under the ‘SmartGlow’ moniker, is the SmartGlow LS2 Light Strip. The new LS2 takes the current LS1 Light Strip and reduced its width and height to make it more flexible. The LS1 is thicker due to the IP67 waterproof rating, with the LS2 carrying an IP54 rating, which still provides limited protection against dust ingress, as well as splashes of water, meaning the LS2 is best suited for indoor use only.

As with the LS1, the LS2 comes as a 2m/6.6ft LED strip, and is extendable by up to 4m/13ft, which is more than enough for most uses. The same standard 16m colours also apply and will be suitable for all regions (100-240v @ 50/60Hz). It’s also wifi based and is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and of course Apple HomeKit. The amount of Lumens for the LS2 is 500lm per standard 2m strip. The power supply will come with clip-on adaptors for North American, European & UK style plugs.

As with all of Vocolinc’s products, the LS2 does not require a proprietary hub and can connect directly to your Wi-Fi network. The LS2 is primarily a budget-friendly alternative to the to LS1, so will be competitively priced, at around US$35.00 and will be available in Amazon stores in the US, EU & UK in the coming weeks.

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2 thoughts on “New Light Strip From VOCOlinc

  • Yeah!
    Anything new on the controller box of the LS2: different form factor, button/actions?
    Or is it exactly the same physically as well as functionally?

    • The new LS2 still uses the same physical button/controller as the current LS1, so no real difference in that respect. No change in functionality either.

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