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Koogeek Smart Fingerprint Lock

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Koogeek has been one of those vendors who have been in the Homekit game since almost the beginning. The Koogeek P1 was one of the first products I owned so there’s a bit of history there as well. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

Although Koogeek has been around for a while, they have never strayed too far from the typical HomeKit accessory types of plugs and lights, so when they finally announced the Koogeek Padlock, I knew I had to take a look.

The Koogeek L1 Padlock is a solid piece of equipment and has the weight and general sturdiness associated with a lock. I do, however, have some concerns about the accuracy of the fingerprint reader (often doesn’t work) as well as having some concerns about the factory reset button being so accessible.

I find the Lock to be probably overpriced considering the user-experience, but it is one of those things that a true HomeKit fan will put money down on just because it’s a somewhat unique form factor. (There’s another brand who’s name escapes me).

For most people though, I would suggest passing on the Koogeek Padlock until the price drops or a new model is released which addresses some of the current issues.