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The De’Longhi dehumidifier DDSX220WF is controlled by WiFi. The first dehumidifier in the Apple HomeKit can control the room climate from a distance. Thanks to its optimized, continuous air flow, the laundry function ensures that laundry dries up to 50% faster.

Optimum air quality thanks to a 4-fold filter system: the efficient EPA filter filters up to 99.96% of all particles from the air, an activated carbon filter removes odors, the bi-silver filter reduces bacteria and the dust filter removes the dust from the air on.

The refrigerant R290 is a natural gas that contains no toxins or harmful substances and is 475x more environmentally friendly in terms of greenhouse effect compared to the previously used refrigerant R134.

  • Protect your home and your family: perfect dehumidification in every room and every season
  • During dehumidification, bacteria and allergens are also removed
  • 21 liters of moisture are removed in 24 hours (1)
  • Temperature and humidity can be regulated with the aid of the LCD display
  • Apple Home Kit Integration and Wlan Control

(1) 30 ° C / 80% RH

  • Dimensions (WxDxH cm): 38.3×25.5×60
  • Weight (kg): 13.5
  • Voltage / Frequency (V ~ Hz): 220-240 ~ 50
  • Absorbed moisture (l / 24h, 32 ° C / 80%): 21 l / 24h
  • Operating temperature (° C): 2-30
  • For rooms up to (m³): 90
  • Coolant: R290
  • Sound pressure level min-max dB (A): 44
  • Tank volume (l): 5
  • Timer: 12h
  • Ventilation levels: 3
  • Visible water level: ✓

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