Yeelight Add HomeKit to New ‘Halo’ Ceiling Light

We’ve been mentioning Yeelight a lot recently, and for good reason, as out of all the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem partners out there, they are only one of two companies actively implementing HomeKit into new (and legacy) products. Lumi, who’s own brand of smart products is Aqara, are the other major player in this respect.

Yeelight has already issued updates to their 2nd gen bulbs, and their Light Strip Plus, but most recently they released two new ceiling lights – the YLXD41YL and YLXD42YL – both with HomeKit support. These are now joined by the new YLXD50YL, known in China as the Yeelight Guangcan Smart Ceiling light, or for western users, the Yeelight Halo Smart Ceiling Light.

The Halo is capable of warm to cool whites (2700-6500K adjustable colour temperature), but also has an additional series of LEDs facing the ceiling to give you an additional full-colour mood light. The lamp has a rendering index ( CRI ) up to Ra95, which is something not many other companies are providing, which gives accurate and eye sensitive non-strobing lighting for more comfort. the main lamp provides an ultra-low light level (labelled ‘moonlight’ light by Yeelight) for night time usage, whilst the casing itself uses refracted light which is softer and eye-protection. Finally, as with many Yeelight products now, it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit and their own Yeelight app.

The Halo ceiling light is on sale right now on

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5 thoughts on “Yeelight Add HomeKit to New ‘Halo’ Ceiling Light

  • Does these lights already exist and have now gained Homekit support, or are they new products that were already created with Homekit support?
    Any chance of Yeelight YLDL01YL Meteorite getting Homekit support?

    • This is a new product that comes with HomeKit as standard. I don’t think the Meteorite will get HomeKit as they would announced it by now I think, but maybe they will.

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  • Hi
    You know how many watts it is?
    Gearbest in the description says only 1700lm,Banggood 7200lm and 50w

    • Hi, just checking the GearBest listing and it says up to 7400lm, which whilst not the same as Banggood, is a lot closer than 1700lm. Could it be that the RGB backlight is the one that produces only 1700lm? I’m not sure as I can’t see where it mentions this number.

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