Aqara N100 HomeKit Smart Lock Surfaces

A couple of months back we reported on the existence of a couple of smart locks that Aqara were working on, and it now seems one of these two locks – the Aqara N100 Smart Fingerprint Door Lock – has finally surfaced on the popular Asian online store

As you can probably guess by the fact we’re mentioning it, the lock is listed as HomeKit compatible, although oddly enough, the lock has yet to be added to either the Aqara or Mi Home apps. In fact, it isn’t even listed on Aqara’s own mainland China site at present.

According to the GearBest listing, the lock features multiple unlocking methods, including;

  • fingerprint
  • Password
  • NFC
  • HomeKit unlock (voice or app control)
  • Bluetooth near-field unlock
  • Key unlock
  • Temporary password

The lock also features a built-in doorbell, as well as an alarm/alerts that can detect if someone tries to ‘slam’ into the door, whether the battery is low, or if multiple wrong keypad entries are attempted. The dimensions for the lock are 400 x 800 x 300mm (the lock handle seems to be included in the width of the lock’s measurements). The type of locks it’s designed for isn’t actually specified, but it would be unlikely to include Deadbolts, and will more than likely be designed for the type of mortice locks found in China, Taiwan and possibly Europe.

If you’re aware of any of Aqara’s other smart locks, the new homeKit model does look quite similar in its overall shape to both the Aqara S2 and S2 Pro, although there with a few minor differences; The keypad is slightly higher up than the S2 Pro and the inner mechanism’s faceplate is larger.

The current price on GearBest lists the lock as a little over US$300, which is quite expensive compared to a lot of the other available HomeKit locks, although many of these don’t include things like NFC or fingerprint functionality. Whether it’s actually available to buy yet is unclear, but the website does state that it will be shipping between 28-30th October.

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