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Sengled Door/Window Contact Sensor

Use the Sengled Smart Window & Door Sensor to make sure that your home is just the way you left it. Install it on any door jamb or window frame and check the app to see if it’s still shut when you’re away from home. Automate your lights based on if the door or window is open or shut or use the Sengled Home app (iOS/Android) to have the lights turn on as soon as the front door opens.

  • Simple Set-Up: Pair the sensor directly to the Sengled Smart Hub using the Sengled Home app (iOS/Android). A compatible hub is required for use
  • Simple Installation: Use the in-app guide to activate your sensor. Then, peel the backing off the adhesive and stick on any door jamb or window frame
  • Check-In From Anywhere: See the status of your window or door by checking the Sengled Home app (iOS/Android) when connected to a Sengled Smart Hub
  • Automate Your Home: Have your entryway lights turn on when you open the front door automatically. Use the open/close status in the app to trigger other Sengled smart devices, including Sengled Smart LEDs
  • Keep An Eye Out: Know when your door or window has been opened by checking the timeline in the Sengled Home app

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