Logitech Pushes New Beta Firmware Update For Circle 2 Cameras

Today Logitech announced a new beta firmware update for their Circle 2 HomeKit enabled cameras. Version 8.2.43 of the firmware, will be pushed out over the coming week, according to the company’s support page, to anyone that has signed up for beta firmware testing. The latest firmware doesn’t need to be requested if you’re already testing the current beta firmware.

The update continues its push towards HomeKit Secure Video compatibility, and aside from bug fixes, the company has also stated that two new functions will now be exposed to HomeKit for what the company describe as ‘advanced users’, although there’s no mention of what exactly constitutes an advanced user on the page. Still, these two new functions – HomeKit access to the occupancy and light sensors – are described on the website thus;

Circle 2’s PIR based “Occupancy Sensor” is accessible in HomeKit for advanced users.

  • In the Home App – it can be used as an alternative to the motion sensor for automations and notifications (not recordings).
  • This sensor only works in areas where the camera’s view is unobstructed (will not work when the camera is placed behind a window).

Circle 2’s ALS based “Light Sensor” is accessible in HomeKit for advanced users.

  • In the Home App – it can be used to view light level values in LUX.

Other bug fixes and improvements.

This goes a long way to show that the company are still considering the Circle 2 as a viable product, despite both rumours of a new device coming, based on a shortage of the current camera in some locations, as well as the camera having been around for nearly two years at this point.

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12 thoughts on “Logitech Pushes New Beta Firmware Update For Circle 2 Cameras

  • Hi!
    I have 3 Circle 2 in my house. All of them are running HomeKit Secure Video.
    Only one circle 2 has updated to firmware 8.2.43. The others still running 8.0.48
    What I have to do to update the others?

    • Hi Walter, as far as I’m aware, there’s nothing you can do to force an update, with Logitech stating that all cameras will get the update eventually (within a week), but there’s no way to force update them. It is odd that only one has updated so far though.

  • I have the same problem: 3 cameras at home and just one get the update. I also have the notification to update camera, but. No possibility to do it. The Homekit app is suggesting to do it via FibaroHome App, but also there nothing.

    • I found this information from a Logitech representative – “As of today, Circle 2 rollout of 8.2.43 is 100%, this means if your camera hasn’t gotten it yet, a simple power cycle should be enough to get it”. Try this and hopefully they’ll all get the update.

  • I did a power off and on of both camera and palle tv hubs, but no way. Still only one camera is updated. Moreover, in the HomeKit App I still have the notification to update the camera. Hope to be solved.

    • You may have to contact Logitech directly in this case, as they would hopefully know more on how to solve the issue.

  • I have only a single camera but still no update and the notification in homekit indicates “Update available”. How to remove this notification in homekit?

  • I recently had Internet problems so I had to after four weeks reset my circle 2. But problem is my Camera shows. The problem is the recording timeline no longer shows so I have no way of making sure the camera records anything.

    • I had the same problem Ritchie Hill. No more timeline showing.
      Tried rebooting and toggling settings off and on again. No luck. I deleted the camera and now I can’t add it back so don’t try that as a troubleshooting step!

      • As a follow up… I was finally able to get my camera added back to HomeKit but still no timeline on my iPhone. I found another user having the same issue. Not sure if it is a Logi or Homekit problem but hopefully someone fixes it soon.

        • Looks like it is fixed. I saw someone else post theirs was working again. Mine wasn’t. I rebooted everything, still no good. I went into HomeKit and turned off Stream & Allow Recording and then turned them back on. Voila! I can see my timeline again!

  • Hey guys,
    Would you be willing to share your experience and opinion about this new beta firmware?
    How it works? I’m still on Logi app and I’m wondering if switch to a apple home security video.

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