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Aqara HL Smart Door Lock

The new Aqara HL Smart Door Lock; You can open the lock remotely through the “Home” App and view the switch status of the door lock in real-time. At the same time, you can link other smart devices to create more automated scenes, such as: after opening the lock, the home lighting device automatically lights up to avoid the trouble of finding the switch in the dark.

Using HomeKit end-to-end encryption and authentication technology, the data between the devices is only stored on your iOS device, it will not be stored in the cloud, and there is no sharing method to ensure data security and personal privacy.

Using a semiconductor fingerprint sensor and a larger fingerprint recognition module, the fastest unlocking speed is 0.5s. Unlock the door, fast and smooth, all in one go.

Eight sensors to monitor door lock status in all directions. Support all kinds of abnormal alarms, if found abnormal, will send a reminder message through the App.

The C-level electronic lock cylinder can detect abnormal keyholes. When a foreign object is inserted or the key is not removed, it will promptly feedback and remind. The true ferrule runs through the lock body and is safer than the false ferrule. Even if the lock housing is damaged, the lock cylinder cannot be easily opened. The door lock is equipped with two electronic keys. Before use, it needs to be registered at the door lock. The key has a built-in chip that others cannot copy. If the key is lost, the key can be cancelled.

When opening the door, any garbled characters can be added before and after the unlock password to prevent others from peeping (Virtual digits + the total number of ‘unlock’ passwords does not exceed 20 digits).

By connecting the Aqara Home App through the gateway, more functions can be realized, such as: when people are not at home, they can remotely check the status of the door lock. It is clear at a glance whether the door is locked and who will unlock it at what time.

The door lock handle has a motion detection function, which can distinguish whether the user locks indoors or outdoors, so as to carry out the corresponding smart home linkage, making the home more intelligent and understand you.

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