Aqara H1 EU Wired and Wireless Switches – First Look

Not long after the Aqara H1 Switches surfaced online via a Polish tech website, we were able to get our hands on both the same wired switch, as well as the wireless version of the switch, in this case, a double wireless rocker. Today we’re just going to share our images of these products with you, but as always, if you have any questions regarding any of these products, feel free to drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer your enquiries. One thing to note is that at present the H1 wireless switches are not exposed to HomeKit, although Aqara has said this compatibility will be coming shortly.


As you can see from the retail packaging, these switches are designed for Europe, with various languages on the side of the box, along with Alexa, and a new smart assistant from Russian company, called Marusia.

As you can see, the rear box is specifically designed for EU switch recesses. In this case, there’s no neutral required, although a neutral version in both single and double rocker variants will also be available.


the wireless version looks identical to the wired version, but only from the front of course. This is the double rocker variant. There’s also a single rocker variant. The EU switches, both wired and wireless are available in white only.

The Wireless switches use a CR2450 coin battery for up to 5 years of life on a single battery.


Chinese consumers already have access to both the wired and wireless H2 switches, although the Chinese wired switch won’t fit EU switch recesses, and isn’t certified safe for EU usage. That’s less relevant for the wireless switches of course, and the Chinese versions instead of only coming in a white variant, also come in grey/graphite or gold options. Here’s the grey double rocker from China.


The H1 switches and the original Aqara rocker switches are a lot more different than they might seem, with the edges of the original switches more rounded. When you look at the profile of the H1 switches, you can see a totally different hinge design is used, that allows the switches to remain at a 90º angle, whilst the original switches are permanently slightly angled. Finally, the H1 switches have their blue LEDs on the front of the switches, as opposed to on the underside of the switches in the original models.


The H1 wireless button is set to High-Speed Click Mode by default but can be changed to the more familiar ‘Multi-function Mode’ if preferred.

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22 thoughts on “Aqara H1 EU Wired and Wireless Switches – First Look

  • Thanks for this news. Any idea of the European H1 price ? Thanks

    • I’ve not seen prices for these yet, but I’m expecting similar prices to the US switches, so maybe around €35-45, depending on the variant. The no neutral ones tend to be a bit more expensive.

      • Thanks again. That’s very expensive. I think I will chose Shelly devices, they are cheaper and reliable, do you know them ?

        • Yes, I know the Shelly products. Obviously the prices are a guess, but I’m not sure how much the Eve switches are. The Meross ones are cheap, but then they’re wifi, not Zigbee.

  • Will it work woth classic Aqara hub in CN version?

    • I’ll try and find out for you. I’ll get back to you as soon as I know.

    • It seems the Wireless switches aren’t exposed to the older hub. I can’t tell you what the situation is regarding the wired switch yet, as the person is waiting for it to be installed for testing.

    • Possibly not. Once the switch has been installed, my colleague will test it with a China hub to be sure.

      • Waiting and many thanks for help!

  • With the H1 wireless switches finally being fully Zigbee 3.0-compliant, could you try to pair them to off-brand hubs? For example the Zigbee-hub in the new Amazon Echo or a Samsung Smartthings hub?

    • In theory, this should work, but for the purposes of HomeKit, you would lose that connection. I don’t really use any non Aqara hubs so I can’t say for certain.

  • Can the wired H1 switches also dim the connected lights? Or is it just a simple on/off-switch?

    • The wired H1 switches are just on/off although in theory you should be able to create an automation with certain conditions that dims other lights of a switch is pressed, but you would have to ensure that at least one of the two switches in a Double rocker was disconnected from the lights it would normally control, or the lights going on/off each time, just to trigger an automation, could be annoying.

  • Hello,

    Is these switches will work with Mi home app or with Xiaomi gateway 3?

    • Hi, these stitches will only work with Aqara hubs, and probably only the newer Zigbee 3.0 hubs. This also means they’ll only be supported on the Aqara app, even though the Aqara M1S will work with Mi Home.

  • Hello and thanks for this article !
    Any idea on Release date and where we can buy it from France ?
    Thanks !

    • So far I’ve only seen them listed in a couple of stores, one in Sweden and another in Slovakia, both on preorder. You should be able to order these switches from both stores with shipping to France.

      • Thanks a lot for your quick reply !

  • Last question about Homekit compatibly update. Any idea when ? Via firmware update ?
    Thanks a lot.

    • The H1 wired and wireless switches are now both HomeKit compatible, which I believe came via an update for the M1S, P3 and M2 hubs.

  • Any idea where to buy them? It seems they are not available anywhere in Germany (or with delivery option to Germany). Looking for a double rocker EU wireless switch.

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