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Best Smart Light Strips for Homekit – Philips Hue vs Nanoleaf vs Vocolinc

I researched and tested 3 great brands of smart light strips for my Homekit smart home. I’ll review some of my favourites at each price point – Vocolinc coming in at the lowest cost, the new Nanoleaf essentials coming in mid-range and the higher end Philips Hue. I’ve also chosen these lights strips because they connect using different technology. Thread is fast, new and exciting, Zigbee is tried and true and Wifi offers compatibility without the additional costs of a bridge.

Smart LED Light Strips are great for accent lighting for areas such as under cabinets, behind TV’s, headboards.

What are some factors you should consider before purchasing a smart LED light strip? Supported Platform, Length Required, Technology, Brightness and Colour Intensity

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Philips Hue LED Light Strip Plus v4:

Philips Hue LED Light Strip Plus v4 Base + Extension:

Philips Hue LED Light Strip 1M Extension:

Vocolinc LS1 Lightstrip:

Vocolinc Lightstrip extension: