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Aqara Hubs – Choose the Right Hub For Your HomeKit Home

Brad Lloyd: Choose the right Aqara Hub for your Homekit home!

I’ll test out the Original Aqara Hub, the G2H Hub, the M1S and the newest to the Aqara lineup, the M2. From Cameras to Alarm Systems, I’ve found these hubs to be multi-purpose. These products use Zigbee and are fast, affordable and reliable in my experience so far.

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3 thoughts on “Aqara Hubs – Choose the Right Hub For Your HomeKit Home

  • Nice video!… can you help me explaining in more detail how to configure a hub as a repeater? thank you!!

    • Hi, the hubs themselves don’t act as repeaters for the Zigbee signal, only child devices that are permanently powered, like Aqara bulbs, Smart plugs or wired switches (with a neutral wire).

  • Is the built-in LED ring light in the M1 and M1S exposed to HomeKit as a color light?

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