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WiiM Mini AirPlay 2 Audio Streamer

The Wiim Mini is an AirPlay 2 Streaming device that can bring new (and smart) functionality to your older HiFi amplifier, smart speakers or soundbars, by adding AirPlay 2 functionality, thus allowing you to include your audio equipment in HomeKit scenes and automations. Not only that, but because it uses AirPlay 2, you can now include your home audio equipment in multi-room audio setups, so you can have your favourite music, podcasts, or radio stations in every room of the house, all perfectly in sync. The one thing that stands out from some other similar products (like the Belkin Soundform Connect) with the inclusion of physical controls on the device itself, which whilst basic – play/pause, volume up/down – does add a layer of convenience that some would definitely find useful.

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5 thoughts on “WiiM Mini AirPlay 2 Audio Streamer

  • Is it possible to use this as a bridge to Homepods (mini) for a recordplayer? I have a couple of Homepod minis and wan’t to play mu vinyl over the homepods but wasn’t able to.

    • Hi, it’s not possible unfortunately. I believe you can stream audio to other WiiM or Arylic devices via their own multi-room audio system, but not via AirPlay.

  • Have you looked into doing a review on the new UGREEN Airplay 2 receiver. Must be new out as cannot find any reviews on it yet.

    • Hi, I’ve not heard of it, but it may be something I can look into. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • I was mainly curious if this device would support lossless streaming and up to what sounds quality. But I guess all AirPlay 2 devices have the same limitation?

    I still have an old AirPort Express hooked up to my amp as it also supports AirPlay 2. High quality streaming is really missing in the Apple audio product ecosystem afaik

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