tedee Go: New Cheaper Smart Lock Announced With Thread

Today, Polish company tedee unveiled a new door lock at the IFA in Berlin. The new model will be slightly larger than the current model but can use an existing cylinder and key. In addition, tedee also wants to appeal to more price-sensitive customers.

We have been using the HomeKit door lock from tedee for a long time and it does its job reliably. In contrast to the competition, the door lock is significantly smaller and quieter, but in some instances, requires replacing the cylinder during installation.

This is precisely what tedee wants to change with the door lock now announced for early 2023. The slightly larger tedee Go can simply be placed on an existing cylinder with a key. The lock then simply turns the key when opening or closing.

The housing has not only changed in size from Ø 45 x 55mm to Ø 57 x 63mm; When it comes to the material, the tedee Go only uses plastic with an ‘aluminium look’ instead of aluminium. Nevertheless, the door lock feels reassuringly premium, as is usual from tedee. While the premium model has an integrated rechargeable battery, The ‘Go’ uses three CR123A/R batteries. The new model should be available for less than €200.

Incidentally, the range of functions is identical to the previous tedee. It even goes one step further and uses Thread in addition to Bluetooth. The premium model will also receive a hardware update with a thread in the future.


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