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Xiaomi Smart Dehumidifier

The Xiaomi Smart Dehumidifier is not a device for everyone or every location, but if you live in a country with high humidity – even for part of the year – this device hits all the right points. It isn’t officially HomeKit compatible, but along with Siri Shortcuts and a HomeBridge plugin, you can get it to work really well.

There are no filters to worry about replacing, so if tackling damp clothes or bedding, or excess condensation is something you suffer from, I would recommend this – especially given that there are no HomeKit dehumidifiers available on the market right now (DeLonghi made one, but it has been discontinued).

Check your regional Xiaomi website to see if this is available, or alternatively, this device can be purchased on AliExpress and other international stores – I won’t add links to these stores, as I can’t vouch for their collective reliability.

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