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Qingping Temperature and Humidity Sensor (with Thread)

The QingPing Temperature & RH (Relative Humidity) Monitor has been my favourite temperature sensor for a long time now. Being able to see details for these two metrics without having to consult Siri or my iPhone is exactly what I need, but with smart functionality. and a clear, E-ink display too. Now the company have finally taken the leap to Thread, to make the best even better, with more reliable connectivity than before, but with the same great design. This is a shorter than usual video simply because my coverage of the previous Bluetooth version says it all apart from the ‘Thread’ part, so you can check that video out here –

The Qingping Temperature & RH Monitor T (Thread) version is available on Amazon stores now via the affiliate links below;

The Qingping Air Monitor Lite – also mentioned in this video;

Other Thread product videos;

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6 thoughts on “Qingping Temperature and Humidity Sensor (with Thread)

  • I received mine last week, but I have to say I’m not really happy with it. It performs poorly regarding HomeKit. When the temperature change is small and not a rapid change, it won’t report the correct measurement back to HomeKit. Not even when yo manually refresh it to get the current values. So it is far for accurate as HomeKit will almost always display an entirely different reading than the device shows on its screen, this compared to the H version which works perfectly. If you test it out a little more you’ll know what I mean.

    I reached out to Qingping trough their app, but of course they don’t acknowledge the problem or don’t understand what I’ve been experiencing.

    Can you confirm my findings?

    • I’ll keep an eye on it and report back if I notice any of the things you’re experiencing. I’ve had it around 2 weeks now, but I’ll keep monitoring it.

    • I have the same issue with mine

    • Seems to be only updating when the change in temperature is at least 0.5 degree C or 5% in humidity.
      Can you confirm?

  • Thanks for the review! I´m considering this sensor, do you have an update on it´s performance considering a few people didn´t have the best experience?

    • I personally have had no issues with this device so far. The battery life could be better, but other than that I’ve had no complaints. Some have mentioned issues, but I can’t attest to that myself.

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