Switchbot Hub 2 Update Adds IR Functionality to HomeKit

Not long ago Japanese company Nature released a Matter update for their Remo Nano IR blaster, which exposed the device to HomeKit (via Matter) allowing users to control IR devices connected to the Nano, directly in HomeKit. Now Switchbot seems to be preparing to do the same, with a forthcoming update that will expose the IR Blaster functionality to Matter, and by extension, HomeKit.

This means that devices that can be controlled via an Infrared remote – TVs, Fans, Set Top Boxes, AC units etc – will be exposed to HomeKit, with varying degrees of control. For TVs and fans, for example, this would most likely be limited to on or off, as is the case with the Remo Nano.

Like the Remo Nano, the Switchbot Hub 2 will have full access to control your AC, including target temperature, mode, and possible fan speed. The Nano doesn’t contain a temperature sensor, which results in the AC it’s designed to control, showing 0.0º where the current temperature would normally be shown within the tile for the AC controller. However, a Switchbot representative has informed us that as the Hub 2 also contains temperature and humidity sensors (built into the power cable), you will also get relevant temperature details as part of the AC control in Apple Home.

It should be noted, however, that it appears there’s a limit of just three IR devices exposed through Matter at any one time. You can check out our written reviews of the Switchbot Hub 2, and the Nature Remo Nano, or watch their respective videos below;


The good news doesn’t stop there, however, as Switchbot also informed us that other devices from the company that go through the Hub 2, will also be exposed to Matter (and HomeKit), including the Switchbot Bot, the motion sensor, and contact sensor. This would be in addition to devices that already get exposed to HomeKit via the hub, like the Curtain Motor 2, and the Switchbot Blind Tilt motor.

The firmware update for the Switchbo Hub 2 should be released between August 10~15th.

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3 thoughts on “Switchbot Hub 2 Update Adds IR Functionality to HomeKit

  • Is it released yet? I can‘t add my IR remotes within HomeKit.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Yes, it’s been available for a while now. You do need to add those devices to Matter in the settings via the Switchbot app before they’ll appear in HomeKit, and you’re limited to three devices, which is a matter restriction

      • Thank you for your fast reply.
        I just found out that the functionality is not available for „out of the box“ – IR remotes.

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