Wallflower 2 HomeKit Controller for iPad, iPhone Launches

A few years back, Gernot Poetsch and the team at nxtbgthng (Next Big Thing) released an app called Wallflower that aimed to take everything good about the Apple homeKit framework, and make it even better, with a beautiful and intelligently designed user interface (UI). The features integrated into Wallflower not only the offered the standard and advanced features exposed to other third-party HomeKit apps, but also integrated local weather, calendars, battery information, and a lot more. Now the company are releasing a massive update that improves upon what came before, with Wallflower 2.

  • Similar to its predecessor, this HomeKit dashboard can serve as a representation of devices within the room it occupies, or the whole house.
  • The ‘home’ screen is divided into three sections: Devices, Scenes, and Sensors. Users have the option to configure it to display only active elements, consolidating all sensor data into a unified graph.
  • This design ensures that crucial information is contained within half of the screen, providing quick and easy access to other home functionalities with just a tap.
  • On the left side, additional features are displayed, including a clock, weather updates, calendar events, and alerts (such as low battery notifications).
  • Alongside current weather conditions, the app indicates the need for an umbrella and displays severe weather alerts if applicable. Calendar events are conveniently showcased where users typically look.
  • Wallflower offers a user-friendly way for guests to control your smart home and easily connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Primarily designed for the iPad, it serves as an alternative for iPhone users who find Apple’s ‘Standby’ feature insufficient.
  • While Wallflower is a subscription-based app, users can enjoy basic functionalities with simple setups for free. A lifetime unlock option is available for advanced home features.

The good news for users of Wallflower 1.0 your purchase remains valid in version 2, whilst also providing a seamless transition. Although the app continues to run on older devices, the new version requires a minimum of iOS 17 due to its reliance on SwiftUI and Apple’s ‘New HomeKit Architecture’, prioritising forward compatibility.

At present, the UI has the option to display information in German or English, although other languages are planned. The app update will launch on Jan 23rd (today). The current pricing structure offers the Premium solution at 14-days for free, after which time you have an option for an annual subscription of UK£43.99, or monthly subscription of UK£6.99, although there’s also a one-off lifetime purchase option available too.

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