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ZemiSmart Roller Shade Motor w/ Matter over Thread (video)

ZemiSmart introduced its first Matter (over WiFi) enabled roller blind motor a year ago, and finally they’ve introduced Thread versions of the device. I say ‘versions’ as they have a wired model and a rechargeable battery model, both with Matter over Thread.

This video focuses mostly on the battery version, which gives you, the customer, a pretty budget friendly option that allows you to keep your existing blinds, but is still cheaper compared to retrofit blind motors from companies like Eve, for example. How do they fare? Watch to find out.

You can purchase the ZemiSmart Matter over Thread roller shade motor (battery) from (affiliate) links below, which cost you nothing extra but help us buy more products for review, to keep you informed on how products perform.

👉 🔋🇺🇸 (Matter over Thread, w/battery)

Alternatively, you can purchase directly from ZemiSmart themselves via the link below;

👉🔋Battery model (Matter over Thread)

👉⚡️Wired model (Matter over Thread)

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3 thoughts on “ZemiSmart Roller Shade Motor w/ Matter over Thread (video)

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  • Pelo o que pude ver nas especificações técnicas, o modelo com bateria tem a mesma força que o modelo que utiliza fio, 1 NM o que muda é a velocidade em RPM ( rotações por minuto ) e também wats de consumo. Você encontrou a informação que o motor com bateria é menos potente ?

    • Hi, even though they both have the same torque, the rated power on the battery version is listed as 5W compared to 12W for the wired model.


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