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LifeSmart Cube Door/Window Sensor

Important Note: For reasons unknown at this time, the LifeSmart app (client version 1.1.8p3 and above) for iOS no longer has the HomeKit code generating feature, so you will be unable to add the Smart Station or Smart Alarm to HomeKit.

Combine the LifeSmart Door/Window Sensor with your LifeSmart Smart Station and other devices to make your life simple, and to let you monitor, control, and even automate your home or office environment.


  • You can care for your pets and loved ones with 24 hour access and stay informed of changing security conditions.
  • You can choose automatic actions such as turning ON or OFF televisions, coffee makers, or other devices when you arrive or leave.
  • You can also have lights turn ON when a door is opened, or have a notification sent to your smart device if a window is opened.

More Function

  • When paired with the LifeSmart Smart Home Wi-Fi camera or FRAME LifeStyle Camera, the sensor can even tell your LifeSmart Smart Home System to send you a photo if someone comes through a door or window. Protect your home and loved ones anytime, anywhere.
  • Brilliant and simple, get ready to experience carefree smart home living that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Small and Exquisite
  • More Durable Battery Power
  • Remote Shock Alarm
  • One-Key Scene Control
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Working Humidity:5~90%
  • Working Temperature:-20~40℃
  • Battery Type:CR2450
  • Wireless Range:200M (Open Field)
  • Material:ABS+PC

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