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GE AEC10AX Electronic Room Air Conditioner


  • EZ Mount window installation kit included
  • 3 cooling / 3 fan speeds
  • Electronic digital thermostat and remote control
  • Energy Saver mode
    Fan and compressor shut off temporarily when the room is cool enough, saving you time and money
  • WiFi Connect
    Wirelessly control window air conditioner functions from your smartphone

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2 thoughts on “GE AEC10AX Electronic Room Air Conditioner

  • Does this function similarly to the homekit thermostat interface? Are there homekit automation or scene limitations compared to a the thermostat functions?

    • Hello Derrick. in answer to your question, I honestly don’t know, but I’m guessing all the standard functionality that you would get from a device like this, and any associated remote, would be available in HomeKit too. So fan speed, including ‘Auto’, different modes, temperature adjustment and on/off would more than likely be included. I have an air purifier running in the Home app (via HomeBridge) and it has these options, so for an official HomeKit compatible device, it’s going to at least match that I would guess.

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