Some Xiaomi devices now working with Google Assistant – Amazon and HomeKit next?

Xiaomi announced today on their blog page, that a small handful of their devices are now capable of working with Google Assistant. The list of devices is actually very small – so small it couldn’t really be called a list – but it is a cautiously welcome sign that the promised integration with other platforms, like Amazon’s Alexa and (more importantly) Apple’s HomeKit, are surely on the horizon.

We’ve already seen demos of Xiaomi products working with with HomeKit in a YouTube video at a recent trade show in China, and now that this small trickle of devices that have been updated to work with Google Assistant for the general public show a serious intention to work with other platforms, but also work with platforms using voice control, something that has been lacking in the Xiaomi catalogue of smart devices so far.

Another indication of Xiaomi’s determination to get their products into the US (and other markets) was with the recent release of a US version of their Xiaomi Gateway, now renamed the ‘Mi Hub’. Prior to this, all of their products that could be plugged directly into mains electricity came with pins only suitable for Chinese sockets, which required anyone buying for the US, EU and other places to buy an adaptor.

The initial selection of compatible products includes Mi Bedside Lamp, Mi LED Smart Bulb and Mi Smart Plug, which will be coming to the U.S. shortly. More information about each product can be found below:

Mi Bedside Lamp has 16 million color customizations and can be configured to fit any environment or mood. In addition to the touch-sensitive panel at the top and the Mi Home app, users can now use the Google Assistant to control Mi Bedside Lamp through voice control.

Mi LED Smart Bulb will add color to any room, supporting up to 16 million colors. With support for the Google Assistant, users no longer have to get out of bed to turn off the lights and can also control brightness and color temperature verbally.

Turn any product into a smart device with Mi Smart Plug. This smart Wi-Fi plug allows users to turn power on and off using an app or by simply asking the Google Assistant and enables consumers to issue a voice command to their favorite “non-smart” gadgets.

These smart home products will be available in the U.S. shortly, starting with Mi Bedside Lamp in May. Stay connected with Xiaomi on Facebook and Twitter to find out more details about price and availability.

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