Dorlink Consonance P8 Smart Door Lock

Consonance Series -P8 (HomeKit Edition)
This product is certified by Apple MFi and connected to the HomeKit smart home platform. It can be opened using Siri voice control. The app pushes the door open information to the iPhone in real time. You can also check the door lock status at any time through the iPhone and receive real-time alarms and false alarms. Low-power reminders and other multiple alarm messages allow you to enjoy a safe, convenient, comfortable and smart new life.
  • FPC Semiconductor Biometric Fingerprint Reader
  • OLED display
  • Fully automatic electric motor lock body
  • iOS device built-in “home” app remote control
  • Siri voice control
  • Information push in real time
  • Anti-peeping password
  • Multiple alarm functions
  • Anti-cat’s eyes open
  • One-click escape function

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2 thoughts on “Dorlink Consonance P8 Smart Door Lock

  • Hello
    Where can I buy one of this Dorlink Consonance P8 Smart Doorl Lock? I live in USA.

    • I don’t think it will be available in the US, at least certainly not for a while, as it’s mainly for the Chinese market. I could be wrong though, but it’s been available in China for a while now, but has never been available internationally.

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