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Aqara smart three-way switches vs. standard three-way switches
With three-way switches, you can control one lamp with two switches, e.g. light switches at both top and bottom of stairs. Adding a 2nd wired switch requires pulling new wires which is labor intensive, time-consuming, and intrusive.

Did your builder forget to install switches on both ends of a long hallway, or are there more convenient locations for your switches? With Aqara’s light switch, you can easily control the same lights from two or more locations without new wiring.

※ This function shall be matched with Aqara light switch.
Easily set personalized scene
Much more than just a light switch, Aqara’s Wireless Remote Switch is an intelligent scene controller, with industry standard 86mm size, which is the same appearance as the Light Switch (ZigBee Version). It is easily installed and used once being affixed.
Before going to work, enable “Leave home mode” with one touch.
You can press the Aqara Wireless Remote Switch to turn off all lamps at home and turn on your security system’s “Arm” mode. You will particularly enjoy this one-click function when leaving home, or to secure your home at bedtime. No more worrying whether you turned on the alarm.
Enable your personalized lighting scenes with one press
With a single click of the Wireless Remote Switch, turn on all lamps in the living room and corridor, create scenes that suit your lifestyle.
Press to ring doorbell
Do your guests have to bang on the door to announce their arrival? The simplest solution is to affix Aqara’s Wireless Remote Switch as the doorbell. You can also set the ringing sound as you wish, personalized to your favorite tone.
Turn off light at your favorite location
No need to get out of bed on a cold winter night, simply place an Aqara Light Switch on your bed stand and with a single click, turn off all lights in the home.
Simple design and high quality
Aqara Wireless Remote Switch is an innovative remote control with ZigBee wireless communication technology, which can be pressed for more than 50,000 times (2 years in normal use). Made up of UV-resistant materials, the panel will not fade or discolor. With the response time of 15 milliseconds, the switch will provide you with a rapid and convenient operation experience.
Match Aqara Light Switch with Mi sensors to achieve various functions
You can match Aqara’s Light Switch with other Mi Sensors to achieve various functions. More ZigBee devices connected to the system means a better user experience.

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3 thoughts on “Aqara Wireless Remote Switch

  • Hi Simon!

    I would like to turn my Hue light on and off with a single press on the Switch. Not single press to turn it on and double press to turn it off…

    Do you know a way to do this?🤔

      • I’m using the aqara wireless switch the one with only 1 button. I’ve also used the eve app to create such a automation. At first it’s working but after a few times the automation won’t work anymore..

        But to be honest i tried to create the automation with a video by Eve itself wich isn’t that logic haha..
        i’ll try it again with this video.


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